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Kyrgyz Glaciers

Your tour in Kyrgyzstan as well as renting car will surely be going through glaciers as travelling in mountains you will anyway face with the necessity to make a way and pass any of the glacier. Glaciers are known to be compressed sheets of ice which never melt. In the process of precipitations they are getting stronger in the consistency.

When you travel in Kyrgyzstan in car rent you can face with so-called "Ice Rivers" which are moving at 3 and 40 cm in a day. Glaciers may be seen by you in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan and travelling as well as car for rent you will probably notice that glaciers are known to be 8208 ones with 8100 km2 of snow which never melts. Out of it we can say that 30% of territory is permanent snow and 4% are mainly the glaciers which cover the area of Kyrgyzstan where you can travel even on rent car. One of the famous and well-known glaciers is Enilchek Glacier. You can make a tour along Northern and Southern branches. In case you don't have an opportunity to make a tour at remote distances, you are recommended to travel to he Ak-Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park glaciers. In estimation we can suppose that if glaciers start to melt the water will cover the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan at the depth of 3m.