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Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls)

Numerous legends show us Kyrgyzstan as we have never seen it before, and for being acquainted with the country better it is better to organize a tour to Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls). It is literally the gorge with rocks in the form of Bulls, in 28km of Karakol. Surely there is the legend and it tells us that there was a king who was killing bulls for seven days and in the end he killed his wife so that the rocks became red. Near the gorge there is a romantic place, the Broken Heart Mountain. The rocks resembles the legend of the woman's heart being broken, as she could not choose the only man out of two and they killed themselves fighting for her. For more legends guests can take Kyrgyzstan tours.

It is required to travel along the territory of the gorge as you can find hot springs, very healthy for the treatment of rheumatism, gastric and nervous diseases. On the continuation of Kyrgyzstan tours the Valley of Flowers can be seen.